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The newly created "Impressions" project, developed from partners at the St. Paul Almanac and Metro Transit, published a total of 24 broadsides featuring local artists' and authors' work across the Twin cities. 
Featured works graced the inside of 100 trains and buses, bus kiosks, and train station platforms. The poem I was tasked with illustrating was this lovely piece written by local author, Casey Patrick.

The day my hands turn to birds
I'll walk to the edge of the lake 
and release them to the sky. How could I keep
such restlessness with me? I expect they'll return 
only to build nests of my hair. Strange,
how separate they are, how I can't even guess where they'll go. 
Merely shades, gray, on darker gray, 
there's no way to call them back and nothing to hold. 
My bones become hollow, pick up that radio hum.
I will myself into feather and open.

Also published in the 2019 issue and Volume 12 of St. Paul Almanac's book, Resistance and Resilience. 
Release party - speaking about my art  🎤
Release party - speaking about my art 🎤
Casey and me 🕊
Casey and me 🕊
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